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We specializes real estate business, we are selling house and lot,beach lot, commercial lot,residential land,rental,And bank investment


We specializes real estate business, we are selling house and lot,beach lot, commercial lot,residential land,rental,And bank investment


An island gem cast right into the heart of the Visayas… the queen city of the south!

Cebu is an island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. It's capital is Cebu City. Cebu is a long narrow island that stretches 225 km from north to south and is surrounded by 167 neighboring small islands, including Mactan Island, Bantayan, Daanbantayan, the Camotes Islands, etc.

Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the country. The metropolitan area of Cebu City (which includes Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City) is second only to Metro Manila in population in the country.


Cebu, or Sugbu, was already a prosperous settlement before it was colonized by Spain. It had trade relations with China and the other countries of Southeast Asia.

On April 7, 1521, Ferdinand Magellan landed in Cebu. He was welcomed by Rajah Humabon, who, together with his wife and about 800 natives, were baptized by the Spaniards on April 14, 1521 and are considered to be the first Filipino Christians. Magellan, however, failed to successfully claim the Philippines for the crown of Spain, having been slain in neighboring Mactan Island on April 27, 1521 by its chieftain Lapu-lapu.

On April 27, 1565, Miguel López de Legazpi, with Augustinian Fr. Andres de Urdaneta, landed in Cebu. Legazpi renamed the city on January 1, 1571, from San Miguel to Villa del Santissimo Nombre de Jesus. During this six year period, Cebu City was the capital of the newly established Spanish colony.

 Cebu finally became a chartered city on February 24, 1937. Being the first and oldest city in the country, ante-dating Manila by 7 years, having the oldest school and oldest street and being the cradle of Christianity in the Far East (i.e. Magellan's cross planted in Cebu as a symbol of natives embracing the Christian faith), Cebu is replete with historical first's.

The streets of Tres de Abril and V. Rama were the sites of a fierce battle on April 3, 1898 when General Leon Kilat of Bacong, Negros Oriental spearheaded the revolution against Spanish colonialism. The Spaniards sought refuge at the Fort San Pedro and three days of relentless attacks would have spelled victory for the rebels were it not for the propitious arrival of the Spanish armada.

However, the fort fell to the hands of the native Cebuanos when Americans commanded by Commodore George Dewey vanquished the Spanish fleet in December 1898 in the battle of Manila Bay. With the American reign in full force in 1901, then Senate Pro Tempore and late President Sergio Osmeña, Sr. and then Congressman and majority floor leader in the House of Representatives, the late Senator Manuel Briones vigorously lobbied for Philippine Independence.

Why Invest in Cebu?

You study the following factors and you’ll find investing in Cebu and considering the properties that were well-thought off by Southceentral2 Estate Inc are all worth it to pursue.

Endowed with breathtaking Beauty of Nature

  • Cebu is an isolated peace amidst a burgeoning prosperity.
  • That boomed amidst a haven of coral beaches, verdant mountain forests, pristine offshore islands, and blue seas.
  • It is not in the earthquake zone, typhoon belt, nor are there volcanoes. It is actually, one of the safest havens in the entire country.

Warm and Competent People

  • Cebuano culture is laid back and easy going; the people are friendly and have preserved strong Spanish-oriented traditions in its cultural life to this very day.
  • Rich traditional culture but keeps up with the demand of modern times.
  • Highly educated people that are beneficial assets of a company.

Fast Growing Economy

  • CEBU is the country’s third largest province and its second most economically powerful city.
  • Cebu’s economy ‘faring better’ than the country.
  • Cebu’s praises as a haven for investors and tourists.
  • Cebu City has a world class communication and transportation facilities making it easy for businessmen and tourists to be connected and travel around the world.
  • Cebu is an oasis of economic urban prosperity.
  • Throughout history, it has been a major trade center boasting the country’s largest port, and both an international and domestic airport.
  • Its coastlines are peppered with resorts and luxury developments catering to an international clientele.
  • For the past five years, it has achieved an export growth rate averaging nearly 20%... amazingly higher than any other province in the country.
  • The city itself is of a vibrant duality. Minutes from a bustling metropolis blest by an unprecedented economic and industrial boom, sit picturesque mountain ranges towering over white sandy beaches and clear turquoise seas.

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